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An old adage says, "wherever you go, there you are." I'd like to add that "wherever you are is where you start." No matter who you are or what you've done, it's true for everyone that this moment is the culmination of your entire life. Every day, good and bad; every win and loss; every heartbreak, every triumph; every time you thought, "I can't survive this," and survived anyway— all of that has brought you here. Here, to my homepage: Vivarism.

For "the culmination of your entire life," this is quite the mundane destination, isn't it? Well, that's alright. Here, at Vivarism, we cherish the every-day-victory. We move forward one step at a time, patient with ourselves and with others. We understand that life is as precious as it is slow, and that change takes time. Though it may be a while before you see the results of your honest efforts, if you choose— right now, in this moment— to confront your problems head-on, to do what's right for you, then you will never be disappointed. You'll be surprised by just what you can accomplish, by the magnificent person you become. At Vivarism, that's what we're after.

Haha, all this talk of "we," but I'm just one woman running a website from her bedroom. If anything, the plural pronoun is aspirational. My wish is to inspire whoever is reading to be kinder to herself, more thoughtful in her choices, happier with who she is.... I guess that would be "you," right? Well, there's no pressure from me here. If you're struggling to be kind, thoughtful, or happy, that's just where you are right now. And where you are is where you start.

At the very least, I hope you'll enjoy the time you spend here. Vivarism was created so I could have fun writing CSS, and (as an added bonus) share my artwork, writing, and some daily thoughts. Everything is decorated with stickers that I have digitised for our enjoyment— "our" meaning you, me, and the entire internet. I hope you'll browse my collection and perhaps even take some home with you.

For a look at everything I've got to share, mouse-over the rainbow tabs at the top of the page. Please take your time and have fun while you explore. I'll be doing my best to build up this site, one page at a time, so we can enjoy it together. If you visit regularly, you just might see something new!

Remember to bookmark this page so you can return as often as you like~┤♪┠

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