Desination: World Wide Web!

Bikobatanari Great art, creative layouts, and, most importantly, insightful essays. Ideas I absorbed from Biko's articles have stuck with me for years. RGB Teahouse Lovely paintings and a super adorable mascot. (Wish I drew like that, not gonna lie!) Also the FAQ page is super funny to me.
Aegi A unique and charming layout with top-notch original pixel art. I want to live in Aegi's Cafe! Repth Super duper nostalgic layouts with an authentic, soulful feeling. She offers layout templates, too!
Konpyujiru I come to Konpyujiru for the fresh aesthetic and stay for the music. Superb taste. Cloverbell An extremely cozy website decorated with the most adorable original artwork. Lune is super talented, she even makes films!
Leirin A vibrant and lovingly-crafted world of original characters, the stuff storybooks are made of. I'm happy just that it exists. Incessant Pain An interesting individual sharing his interesting thoughts. I'm glad for this window into his world.
Digdeeper Informative reading on INFOSEC and society. Dreamworld Informative reading on angels and numerology.
The Cave of Dragonflies A still-living internet relic in the form of a Pokemon fansite. She offers great tips on running your own website, too. Teddybear-halo One of the cutest sites on the web. Her dollmaker shrines are meticulously and adorably put together.
Cabbage Sorter Beautifully crafted. I love reading manga from her lists and then her reviews to see we had similar ideas. Cement Garden If I took a bite out of this site it would be flaky, yummy, crumbly, sugary sweet. Needless to say I would like to eat it!
owuuwo Milo has a good heart and sparkly layout! Futurehalf My very special, ultra talented, super epic friend: Godking Fao. All hail!
Zucchini So soft and so fresh, like the first bite of a recently washed, thinly sliced summer squash. Hors is straight-forward, unpretentious, and always makes me laugh. Hat's Nekocomiccon A robust website with a lot to explore and just the right amount of moving parts. Hat has a great sense of humour; she is positively brimming with personality!
AllyRat World Expressive, cute, colourful artwork! One peek at her gallery transports me straight back to 2007. Cheru Inactive now, but I miss her... She will always be The Tada Aoi in my mind.

Yeah I admit there is not a whole lot going on here. We are a very small travel agency, okay? I'm working around the clock to print these brochures and I keep running out of cyan pixel ink.

If for any reason you would like to be removed from this page, please let me know. If for any reason you would like to be included on this page, um, well... I guess you can e-mail me your URL and an essay (200 words minimum) about your favourite thing, and maybe we can be friends? Here are my contact details. Never minding that, please enjoy everyone's websites!