Vivarism's Toybox

I Love Stickers

Paper, puffy, plastic, washi tape, web graphics, gifs, icons, vectors, pixels... I'm obsessed with stickers in all forms and have been collecting them for a long, long time. This is my first time turning my real-life, tangible stickers into online, intangible web graphics. Why didn't I think of it sooner? Now that I have eternally fresh, infinitely numbered copies, I'll never have to second-guess where I stick the real ones!

This is my process: I buy a bunch of sticker books, scan my favourite pages, cut out each one in my art program, and then upload them here for you to use and enjoy. This is a real passion for me, so I'm more than happy to share it with all of you. Hopefully you'll find something you really like!

Disclaimer: some of the images will seem like they're repeating. Technically, they are. It's just another copy where I've cut that one sticker out of its scene for individual display. As I continue doing this I'll hopefully become more organised and be able to put everything together in a more cohesive manner.