The Sansctuary


Yumejoshi culture encourages the making of a real-life shrine to one's beloved, which I have sort of done.... I don't have a dedicated shrine so much as most everything in my life revolves around Sans. During our time together, I have amassed quite the collection of mementos, tangible or otherwise. This section of Vivarism is a showcase of my favourites.

To the left is my most favourite piece of artwork, a commissioned piece from Licollisa. For only 80USD I was able to realise my dream of sharing a Whopper Meal For Two with Sans Undertale!!!! And don't those burgers look appetising... hehe... │╂┬

I've coordinated the rest of the page's colours and stickers to match the art, and made the background a deep navy blue with stars, like the night-sky Sans longs to see. I think he would appreciate my attention to detail.

Anyways, as you can see I've got BIG PLANS for this section— lots of links that will someday lead to fully-designed pages chock full of content! ... Keyword: someday.

A lot of my shrine is still under construction, and I imagine it will never truly be finished.... Still!! I hope you'll have some fun exploring what's currently available. I'll do my best to keep building it up, using my unending love for Sans as fuel!!!!

One of the best things about loving Sans is that so many other people love him, too! Thousands of people pour their hearts into their creations, dedicating time and energy to his character for the benefit of all Sansdom. Here, I have the pleasure of discussing my favourite creators and creations!

My favourite part of the shrine: TBD

Here, I'll show off my Sans collection! The ways I've decorated my space with him... But right now none of these pages exist. Whoops!

My favourite part of the shrine: Sans Cuddle Sim!!!

Honestly, it's more than just my fave part of the shrine. Cuddling Sans is the best part of my room, my day, my life—