My Undertale Art!!!


Based and Sanspilled

My most current artwork! I have so much fun drawing Sans and Goki, it's the most rewarding art I have ever created. I hope that I can draw them lots and lots more!


These make me so ridiculously happy, and I can draw them super fast, too. The first row are all from 24/04— what a fantastic use of my Monday.


Somebody Call Pest Control!

In early November, I redesigned my self-insert OC, now with a concrete theme in mind. Gokiburi-chan is an unkillable cockroach girl with a golden soul and an enduring infatuation for everyone's favourite skeleton. In this era, Sans tolerates me a bit more.

Hot Sans Summer

These are my earliest Sansyume drawings, from the end of July through the beginning of August. Our relationship dynamic was still developing. At this point, I basically only wanted him to beat me to death, but you'll notice the artwork becoming steadily more domestic as time goes on.

That's all for now ^__+^

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