Stroll In My M u s i c Garden


I'm not entirely happy with this page, but it seems I've been trying to make it for nearly two months(!) and dreaming about it for even longer. I'll keep decorating it bit by bit, but I'm gonna go ahead and publish it now. I'm tired of not having a place to write about music.

Let's get started! There's been some interesting Vocaloid music in my recommended videos lately. "Loveit?" is extremely catchy and addicting, I looped it all night when I first heard it. I love how edgy it is, and the piano is awesome! Overall, it's Azari-flavoured, but with less Koronba and more Deco*27. I really like the PV, too, and the lyrics remind me a bit of サンゴキ.

The Yukopi song is catchy, but I mostly just like the PV. It's the sort of art style I'd love to have... Cute and simple with minimal shading and a little bit of texture! But, haha, about the music itself: I love when Vocaloid songs utilise the recorder. The only other track I can think of is PinocchioP's "Apple Dot Com," and it's featured much more heavily than in "Strong-Wind All-Back." Regardless: very cute addition.

Next up, we have "Ameri": THE ONLY GOOD SONG NILFRUITS HAS RELEASED IN OVER A YEAR! I'm actually a little bit mad that it's so good. It's catchy and cute, and apparently for use in a strawberry milk commercial?! The problem is: for some time now, I've been complaining about Nilfruits, saying all sorts of mean things about how he sucks and he's a sell-out. This was coming from someone who considered herself a die-hard fan during his NOMAN era. I still believe that his music saw a drastic decrease in quality after SHIMNEY, and even his best tracks have their issues. For one, the man cannot write a bridge to save his life— "Ameri," too, is worsened by this specific incompetence.

But other than that, this new release is really good! It makes me wonder if it isn't as hopless as I feared? Maybe, going forward, Nilfruits will release better music, and I'll be able to call him my favourite VocaP without caveat. After so many disappointments (and the absolute fucking travesty that is "Heaven Dope"), I really, really hope this is the turnaround I've been waiting for. The cycle of abuse continues.

On a lighter note: Veil is a promising new producer. "Chidori" is so jazzy and fun, the first day I heard it, I couldn't stop dancing!!! I'll keep an eye on their new releases. They only have one other song out right now (one that isn't as catchy) so I'm just waiting to see what comes next.

Lastly we have "Notorious" by Teniwoha, a producer that I have no strong feelings about. I guess if I had to have an opinion, I'm a little unimpressed by him, but not enough to insult him the way I would Nilfruits or Deco*27. "Notorious" is a character theme song for Maimaimaigoen, the— get this— Sanrio death game IP. Why Sanrio is publishing a death game with kindergarten-age protagonists, I couldn't possibly begin to explain. Let's just blame Squid Game.

More importantly, this song is Aki's theme. A quick glance at her wiki article tells me that she is Flonnecore to the max!!! If I was young enough to be the target audience for this property, I'd kin her in a heartbeat. The song is just mediocre, though— not good enough to loop, and not nearly compelling enough to inspire me to read the manga or try to play the game.

I have tons more stuff to listen to in my "Watch Later" playlist, but I honestly doubt I will ever get to it. It's already miles-long and I don't think I've ever actually used it for its intended purpose. We'll see...

Stop and Smell the Roses.