The following content is quite unconventional.

This shrine is dedicated to my self-ship with my favourite Undertale character, Sans the Skeleton. While I would not call myself a true waifuist by any means, even my casual fictional crush may appear strange to some visitors. And I guess it is pretty strange when you consider that the majority of people on this earth are not obsessed with Sans the Skeleton— and statistically, how likely are you to run into one? Not very, unless for some reason you've been intentionally looking, and you probably haven't been, so in all likelihood this is a totally new experience for you, and that means it's time to buckle up.

Or not! If, for any reason at all, this is not the sort of content you want to see I completely understand. Maybe you hate Undertale and think it's a bad game (you're allowed one or two bad opinions). Maybe you're also in love with Sans and don't want him to cheat on you (can't blame you!) Maybe your image of me would be forever tarnished by learning the details of my silly daydreams, and you want to live in a world where I'm at least semi-normal (sheesh, you and me both). If that's the case, turn back now!

If you want to stay and read on, then I'm really glad to have you. That's why these pages are public, after all— it's because I want to share my feelings for Sans with the the world. Simple as that. I have is a lot of passion for this game and this character, and I've put a lot of energy into exploring those feelings, having fun with them, and accepting them as they come, nonjudgementally. Maybe some of that energy will rub off on you.