Things I Want to Write About

My Fave Megalovania Remixes

  • reverse order of the ones i think are best. like counting down from 10 to 1
  • between 2 and 1, we have honourable mentions: best attempts at ruining megalovania
  • i want to rate them based on
    • coolness
    • drama
    • novelty
    • trueness to the original

The Stories I Already Have

  • 50th death celebration party
  • what i see in my head when i loop our songs

Character Analysis Through Dialogue

Actually I can't write any fanfiction because I'm not funny enough. But maybe I can supplement that by being really good at writing all his non-joke dialogue, which I might accomplish by carefully analysing everything he's ever said. Areas to consider:

  • Sentence length
  • Phraseology and slang
  • Punctuation
  • Emphasis
  • Vocabulary
  • Mood changes