Charismatic telepath Gillowayne Escher hunts extra-dimensional monsters that lurk on the edges of our universe, searching for the one that stole her father.

When these monsters invade our realm, they attach themselves to liminal spaces and swallow up the humans who unwittingly wander inside. Their traps exist in ordinary places: elevators, stairwells, parking lots, stretches of empty road. Gillowayne hunts the ones attached to train stations, riding the rails far and wide to exterminate them all. Accompanying her on her cross-country quest for vengeance is her childhood sweetheart, the quiet and powerfully telekinetic Amalthea. Together, they make up the Transit Unit of The Division Agrotera. This is the name of the specialised psychic task force sworn to protect our dimension, and this is their story.

PSYCHOTRANSIT is a a relatively fast-paced action-adventure story with subplots involving an alternate dimension and a tragic love relationship. It's still unsure if it wants to be a light novel, a visual novel, a webcomic, or even an RPG, but we'll get there someday. Pictured above are the two main characters, Gil and Ami, generic as I have yet to solidify their designs, but nonetheless in love. I don't have much else to show off yet, so this is it for now!

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