Friends of Mettle Town

Many years ago, the apocalypse came and went, wiping out human civilisation as we know it. Now parasitic monsters rule the earth, and the only survivors are the residents of a small, rural settlement called Mettle Town. Hills to the west, the sea in the east, and bordered north and south by dense forest, they live together in perfect solitude. Learn more about their relationships and daily lives in this series of psychological horror stories. Here is one the synopsis of one of them:

Vien, the local butcher, was born with a void in her chest that grows colder and emptier by the day. When she fills the hole with a heart salvaged from a dead monster, she begins to have strange feelings for the hunter delivering her fresh kill.

... and that's all I've got right now! Hopefully one day this will really be a series of short stories, or even little kinetic novels, available to read. I guess that means I've got to write it first, huh?

Come back later?