3-Dimensional Favourites

One of several "ugly" Christmas sweaters, the softest and most intricate of the bunch. I only just noticed, but it has little shiny plastic stars knitted into it?! Way to deck the halls!

The only reason I know what day of the week it is: my interactive calendar. Every morning I look forward to moving the little magnets around. On the back, there is a whiteboard which I use to keep track of how many times I've fought Sans.

A Nintendo Switch Lite I bought second-hand. It came with decorative stickers already attached, a protective plastic case, a memory card, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Deceptively pink.

"See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" — a cloth belt depicting 三猿 (sanzaru), the Three Wise Monkeys. It fits me well. I like to wear it as a statement piece with plain tops and bottoms.

An indesctructable ukulele that has survived 4 moves, 2 hurricanes, a 1-story drop, and countless hours of my mediocre singing. I love her so much! (But I still want a new one....)

My first ever tarot deck. The joke is that they redrew the Rider Waite Tarot and replaced everyone with gummy bears.... The plants and animals escaped gummification, at least.