Io's Everything

What happens when god doesn't want to rule? Although she belongs to a race of creatures who give birth to and lord over entire universes, Io contents herself with something much smaller. Far, far away from her kind, she lives in a tiny pocket dimension called Misle— a deserted island where she is beholden to no one. Despite being ageless and immortal, Io fears "growing up" and the responsibility that comes with it. Safe on her island, she spends each day lackadaisically, haphazardly, without forethought or consequence— until another god moves in next door.

This is what happens when I make a silly OC to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons and get way too into whatever story I was making up on the fly. In actuality Io is a newer edition of my Wild World character, NOMAN, just with a new name and design. One day I'd like to draw comics about her and Nein, and share photos of Misle. Until then... this is it!

Come back later?