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Welcome to my homepage, where we live in eternal springtime.

Spring is my favourite season, in part because it represents newness. New possibilities, new opportunities to try again, and necessary decay nourishing new life. Winter comes every year. It comes with darkness, ice and snow. And every year the stark, spindly tree branches give way to little green buds, and the grass regains its colour, and the sun stays out a little longer. Nowadays the changing seasons are mundane; we tend to have other things to worry about. But every year I like to slow down and appreciate the bright yellow forsythia blooming beautifully, once again, as it always does. Spring is my favourite season. The flowers are my favourite part.

So, as I said earlier, welcome! Vivarism is my homepage where I write CSS for fun, and as an added bonus get to share my artwork, writing, and some daily thoughts. Everything is decorated with stickers that I have digitised for our enjoyment— "our" meaning you, me, and the entire internet. I hope you'll look at my collection and perhaps even take some home with you.

All my navigational links are on the right side of this window. There's already quite a few perusables waiting to be perused; hopefully you'll stick around long enough to see them all. Please take your time and have fun while you explore. I'll be doing my best to build up this site, one page at a time, so we can enjoy it together.

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